Navmesh Bounds Volume

Cannot get AI to move in world partition.
I have a Navmesh bounds volume, and hit P and see that the correct area is green.
I created a simple On Begin Play event in the 3rd person character template, ensured its set to spawned or placed. Used AI Move to, pawn is myself and destination is a valid location.
Created another simple map, in the same project, without world partition using the same blueprint on begin play code with the navmesh, it works just fine. It only does not work with world partition.
Tried deleting the folders Intermediate and DerivedDataCache, and rebuilding.
Tried removing the Landscape Material and rebuilding
Tried placing a 0,0,0 2nd Navmesh on top of the existing.
Tried rebuilding the Paths numerous times.

Short version
works without world partition, but does not work with world partition.

How can I make this work with world partition ?

Did you solve this?