Navmesh bounds doesn't work in android

Hello! (again).

I have an issue with a navMeshBound Volume.

I have a NavMeshBound Volume in a landscape. When I launch my game in UE editor is all ok. Also I have a main menu and when I launch the game from this menu my IA works perfect in my NavMeshBound.

The problem appears when I try launch the game in my smartphone. If I launch the level that contents the NavMeshBound my AI works good. But If I launch the game since the main menu and I click on play button the AI doesn’t do anything.

I tried move the NavMesh a bit for make a rebuild but didn’t work.

I’m using android 5.1.1. and UE 4.14.3

Note: I started my project in UE 4.13 but I had to update to UE 4.14.3. I deleted the project in my PC and I downloaded it from my GitHub repository and open the project again with UE 4.14.3

Thanks and best regards!

Hey! Did you find any solution we’re facing the exact same problem? Thank you in advance.