navmesh bound does not work in ADK

hello gus,
So here is my problem when I use the navmesh bound normally when I press P I must see the green mesh but it is happening nothing

I board test show = > Navigation
moving field /
navmesh bound
ADK restart
new project

but did nothing and that if any one can help me would be his great pleasure thank you

sorry for my bad english

Might be that they have their own solution for that. Which means that you do not need it or something else for Dinos.

I hope not because I board really want to create a ia for solo player or if there is not another way to create a navigation for Both ?

and how does the dino to move it then?

As I said they might have their own system which we do not see or its just another flag. Haven’t looked into it but ARK uses a heavily modified version of Unreal since Unreal is just not made for this kind of game.

I would recommend looking into it a bit more. Might be possible that you just can use the default AI movement controls and its working just fine even if the NavMesh is not there. You can easily do some tests after you created a very basic AI.

Hi proxenete59,

Devs completely removed the navmesh feature.

ok thank you I know not how to put make but I 'll get as you said if any one know how I should be taking mp me ^^

sorry for my english but i french ^^

Si tu as besoin d’aide en français, n’hésite pas à m’envoyer un message privé :slight_smile: