Navisworks datasmith - textures


We are using the Datasmith exporter to bring a scene from Navisworks into UE4.26 - all is working well with the exception of the terrain tiles all losing their textures. they come in with a material applied called “material” and we lose any reference to the textures that can be seen within Navis… Images attached.

Surely there must be something simple I’m missing :slight_smile: Please help!

send me a NW file with only the terrain at welll take a look!

Thanks Pierre-Felix, getting that sorted now and will send via our LargeFileTransfer system, so it might come from a strange address!

I’m having a similar problem - did you ever find a solution?

I did have better success with materials after the datasmith plugin was updated, however in this case the issue related to the original infraworks setup that was driving the navisworks model.

for the project above, we ended up sourcing the hirez tiles directly and going through the pain of using 3ds max to make it happen.

for all recent projects, no issues around this.