Naviswork full hierarchy + metadata

Hi everyone,

i need to export the whole hierarchy from Naviswork but the Datasmith plugin only takes geometries in consideration. All my relevant metadatas is stored inside grouping elements and i have no way to link them to the Datasmith scene…

Is it possible to export the whole hierarchy with data (as empty actors in Datasmith Scene) or at least merge metadatas from parent grouping elements into geometries?

oh, this would be awesome.

I’m trying to create a kind of … proof of concept where I’m also trying to import from Navisworks, but it has been a very error prone process, and I’d love more options available on the Export side of things, before I try to cram so much down Unreal’s throat.

If the metadata could be cooked down to the geo like you’re saying, it would be easier to reason about when trying to determine how to efficiently do replacements, edits, remeshing, etc in visual dataprep.

Great question, I hope some folks have a great answer. haha.

Any UE4 Datasmith dev has some answer or tips about this subject?

I am not familiar with Naviswork. The usual datasmith exporter behaviour is to export the hierachy tree. The metadata stored on any nodes: intermediary or geometry should also be carried in UE.

Could you give an example with some screenshot: how the metadata is stored on the node and where is the node on the tree.

This is how the hierarchy is presented in naviswork where not every node is directly a geometry but still contains properties (metadata in UE4):


then when i export (with merging parameter set to 0 in order to skip object merging) this is the result in UE4:

As you can see many levels are skipped and Empty Actors don’t contain any metadata at all (there is no asset user data variable to read).

Hi Gallox !

Can you send us (through private messaging on the forums or the email antoine.guillo(at) a small sample NW file with those empty objects for us to test ?

We recently fixed a bug on 4.27 (which should be deployed in 4.27.1) for metadata missing on empty actors (and empty actors missing too), and I can check with your file if this is fixed or not.