Navigational Invoker randomly causing lag + optimization tips?

I changed nothing about my project and I booted it up after a long work week to find I could not play test anything; it simply lags too bad. I can remove every single blueprint and system from my world, turn off procedural world gen and everything else and it persists.

I have a navigational invoker on players, buildings and any ai. So obviously this will cause lag, but I cannot think of any way to handle dynamic navigation in a large procedurally generated world.

But if I remove every single thing and have a small platform the lag is still terrible. My project prior to the zero changes I’ve made was getting a constant 244fps when testing this way(nothing around except player and what is currently being tested.) 120fps when playing project as intended.

But with the new zero changes I’ve made when I launch my project I get 40 fps with the player and test subject and 12 in game as intended. I did nothing at all though, didn’t change navs, ai or player. Yet that is 100% the source of my lag if I remove my navigation invokers then it shoots up to the proper fps.

Why would my project run fine one day and then a week later after no changes have my fps tank? I literally did nothing and haven’t been able to this entire weekend as this absolutely prevents me from doing anything since the lag is to bad. Any help appreciated.

Edit: If I remove any and all navigation my project is fine, but this is not a solution. My world can range in very small to very large never bigger then 50kx50k though… Instead of invokers could I toss a dynamic nav mesh down? Would that still work? The player can do many things to change the landscape and world, coupled with ai it has to be dynamic and rebuild at runtime.

I thought invokers could do it but now that even just 1 is randomly breaking my project I may have to rethink how to do this.


Did you open it on a different computer with different screen settings? Or maybe you resized the viewport or changed the manner in which you were playtesting the game?

Stand alone testing is usually heavier than just playing in PIE. Also, framerate is dependent on the current screen size of the viewport (or the stand alone view size if you are using that).

I have not, just my same desktop and same setup as always. That’s why I’m so confused. I literally changed nothing I just went to playtest it since I haven’t been on my project in a week and wanted to remember where I was.

And last I remember I was having 0 frame issues because I would have definitely noticed that insane screen tear. Thanks for your time.