Navigation Problem

Hello. I am a Korean and I think my English is not good enough have a discussion like it yet.
But I am start to writing it because I’d love to join this nice community and hear the voices of nice and passionate developers.

Anyway, my issue is this. As you knows, Many Apps involved with 3D are using diffrent navigation systems.
Personally, I used 3ds Max, Source Engine, UDK, Unity, Mudbox, and Marmoset toolbag. But, when I use each apps, I am often confused to navigate it.
Maya and Max have diffrent keys for navigation, and many Engines also have diffrent navigation keys.

But very fortunely, Autodesk is giving some solution for this from 2013version of their apps. For example, in Mudbox, the users can select navigation keys which are same with Max or Maya.
I think it was great idea people to be familiar with the apps.

Actually, it is quite old problem for artists I know. But Epic can solve this problem for this new and fantastic tool I belive.

at last, I’d love to say Thank Epic games for making this nice engine and share it with unbelivablely cheap price.

You’re welcome, and thank you for considering UE4.

While many keys in UE4 are customizable, the shortcut keys and mouse movement are not customizable.

However, we have spent many years fine-tuning the navigation controls and making them very powerful. I like to demonstrate this by building a simple level with geometry, lights, and a Blueprint door entirely with the mouse, not touching the keyboard.

Here is documentation:

Good luck using UE4!

It is huge pleasure because my Hero tim sweeney answered! I coundlt expect it ! thanks a lot.
I really agree with UE’s navigation system is good and optimized to make a level well. But, I personally think, the easiest navigation control for user is that homogenizing all 3d apps control.
Sailing the screen with mouse R button is nice and doesnt make any issues. I think just supporting customizable mouse key will make it perfect.

haha. actually I think, 3d apps developers (Maya, Max, Etc…) had to homogenize 3d apps navigation system and keys or make a same standard in 1990.

Anyway Thanks for answer again and I really hope to make my game with UE 4! Good luck UE4!