Navigation mesh does not work after client travelling to another map

I have two maps one for the character creator and another is the main map. After player creating the character and press enter game button, I call the ClientTravel() method to travel to the main map. After player entering the main map, the AI behavior tree is running but the AI enemy character didn’t move on the navigation mesh.
I’ve traced into the code and can confirm that the UNavigationSystemV1 object is valid. Then I call the MoveToLocation() of the AI controller to move the enemy but it didn’t move at all. Any clue for this?

Ok I made some progress. After typing ‘RebuildNavigation’ console command to rebuild the navigation mesh, one of the wolf AI characters is moving but another one still is not moving on the mesh.

I finally found the solution. The issue was after the client traveling, the behavior tree does not run. Then I realized that I have to override the OnPosses() method of the AIController and run the behavior tree in the method that solved the issue.

I found another issue for my animal AI random roaming. I use AIMoveToLocation() to move it to a random location on a second nav mesh without success but it indeed moves on the first nav mesh. This happens only after client travel, use only one map it does not have such issue.

I just discovered the solution to this issue. After ticking the ForceRebuildOnLoad option in the RecastNavMesh-Default that should appear in the scene out liner then it appears to work for what I needed it to do as I just needed it to generate the navmesh at the start of the game.