Navigation - Increase Fly Speed?

Hi Everyone.

I am using the Collab Viewer template to create a project which contains a large landscape. Currently the Fly navigation mode is too slow to explore easily. I have tried digging into the navigation blueprints but can’t (for the life of me) find a value to edit that will increase Fly speed.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!



hi @coreymurray
i am not sure of your question,

While in the editor you right click with the mouse and hold it down.
Now you can use the scroll wheel to manage the speed of the WASD movements

Is this what you need ?

The template is using this Pawn for flying:

However, even though it overrides the Fly Speed to 1000, you actually fly at 600 only. And punching in a larger number does not help. Something else overrides it. I checked the entire inheritance chain, there’s like 3… and a controller but couldn’t find what could be causing this. It’s not even using the intended 1000 fly speed the creator wanted it to use…

As a quick hack you can do this:

Found it, someone forgot about the Experimental Pawn Scaling widget which executes after the fly speed override:

Get rid of the above from the base pawn so the flying one can do this:

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Hi Everynone

Thank you so much for looking into this! It makes me feel a touch better hearing that it wasn’t super straightforward, that does sound a bit strange.

I will go through your post in more detail but just wanted to say thanks!