Navigation changes from 4.19 to 4.20

Upgraded from 4.19 to 4.20.2. Trying to get functionality back of open world navigation.

Getting the following warning in the Visual Logger:
LogNavigation (Warning) Trying to register BP_FireFly_C_3 as enforcer, but NavigationSystem is not set up for enforcer-centric generation. See GenerateNavigationOnlyAroundNavigationInvokers in NavigationSystem’s properties

Property “bGenerateNavigationOnlyAroundNavigationInvokers” is protected.

        /* Open world navigation.  Use Navigation Invoker*/
        auto navsys = FNavigationSystem::GetCurrent<UNavigationSystemV1>(this);
        navsys->bGenerateNavigationOnlyAroundNavigationInvokers = true;  //<-- inaccessible

So far my searching has not produced any answers. Strangely, my actors are moving around like they should.

This is why I post a question. I find an answer after I do.

In the Editor, under Project Settings, under Navigation is where you can turn it on. Not in code.

So turned it on and now all my AIMoveTo fail…Nobody moves…

Always a good idea to set Runtime Generation to dynamic of your navmesh. Sigh.