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Hello guys,

I am a beginner and this is my first project with UE4 for my study.

If this post is in wrong section, I apologize for it.

I have a text, which becomes visible when user looks to the cube. I would like to create a navigator, which shows where that cube is.

An exact example of it is in youtube, here is the video.

I have tried to find a tutorial about how to do it step by step, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it. Maybe I am searching it with wrong keywords.

Could you please help me about that? Keyword tips or tutorial links are also appreciated.


You’d be looking to have a target variable. This then would get actor world location.

You’d then likely using get location of arrow and feeding both into “look at rotation” and feeding that into a tick for setting arrow rotation on tick.

Logic for setting target actor is up to how you plan on using it.