Navigating marketplace

This is probably a really stupid question, but how are we actually supposed to navigate around the marketplace? There are demos and tutorials that I remember seeing in the past that are no longer present, and I have no idea whether they were bumped down due to the new content or if they were removed outright. There doesn’t seem to be any way to go one level deeper into, say, look at more Demos and Tutorials or Complete Projects.

As far as I see all the previous demos and sample content are still there. What exactly are you missing?

Having trouble finding the specific forum post, but I was searching for references and examples of using the mouse to select items and I found someone asking a similar question about how to do selections based on mouse clicks. He was directed to a “top down example” in the marketplace that supposedly had both C++ and blueprint variants which apparently he found useful. I don’t recall ever personally seeing such an example, but the way the marketplace interface currently looks I’m not sure whether everything displayed is all that’s there or if the current stuff is just what is being showcased and there’s more stuff that got bumped to a “second page” so to speak.

Isn’t the topdown example a default template now? I can see it in my templates at least and I have not downloaded it from the marketplace, I might have gotten it from downloading ContentExamples but I’m not sure.

AkumaMini is correct. The Top Down example is a project template (and has always been as far as I know). Those aren’t located in the Marketplace. They are options you choose when creating a new project.

As for the items on the Marketplace, they are all visible on a single page. There are no additional levels at this point. I’m sure that will change as the number of items available continues to grow though.