Navigating AI around other AI


I have an AI that follows a spline component. The AI bails out of its route if the route is blocked by another AI (done using a distance check between itself and the returned AI via EQS) or when it reaches the end of its route. When the AI bails out, it loops through a series of goal locations and selects the closest one to move to.

Problem is, when it sets the move to location based on the closest goal location, it doesn’t regard positions of other AI in the path finding. Therefore, it will run into a group of other AIs and get stuck. I have RVOAvoidance enabled. How can I make the AI form its path around the other AIs?


Have you tried using DetourAIController? It has built-in avoidance that works decently for my personal needs.
Also you could try changing pathfinding settings to make your actors obstacles when they don’t use pathfinding, but that’s only a tweak that I used with DetourAIController.