Navigate/Return Control w/ Character Controller After Sequence?

Hey everyone!

I seem to be struggling with something that I expect should be a fairly straightforward implementation (I’m pretty new to blueprints).

I am working on a demo that has a handful of scenes - I have a slightly modified character controller that you can move with keyboard/mouse (typical movement scheme).

At certain points in the demo I play sequences - where hitting a key on the keyboard will initiate a sequence and play it. These sequences are mostly comprised of some basic animations of models/avatars in the scene, and they also serve to move the main character along a camera track.

To move the player controller, I created a function in blueprint that a) sets the sequence to be played and b) sets the sequence camera. When a specific button is pressed, I play the sequence, and as expected, the camera follows the track as expected. Once the sequence is completed however, I no longer have control of the player controller.

I believe what is happening is I’m not actually moving the player controller, but the sequence camera I’m setting in my function (which makes sense, that is what I’ve told the blueprint to do). My question is, how can I go about making it so the sequence moves the character controller rather than the sequence camera? Or returns control to the character controller once the sequence has completed? The character controller doesn’t spawn until the game has started playing, so I’m not sure how I could assign it as the sequence camera in the blueprint function.

Any help would be much appreciated! I’m trying to learn. I’ve attached an example of the blueprint I am using to set the sequence camera.

Thanks in advance!