Nav Mesh - Not occuring in some places

Hi Friends,

There is a place where the Nav mesh data is not applying. Is there a setting that I need to correct, to show in it. In fact, my player character itself is unable to walk on it. The character falls, while trying to walk on this part of the mesh. But the collision is set to “Block All Dynamics”, and the "Can character step up on is set to “Yes”. But still the character falls into it. I am not what has to be corrected. Can someone please guide me.


Check your bridge in the Player Collision view; you may need to set up collision manually in the Static Mesh Editor. As for the Nav-Mesh, try decreasing the Cell Size and Agent Radius in your RecastNavMesh Actor.

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Thank you bro. I will check these settings and adjust them.

I checked and you are right about the collisions. the collision is missing for the walking path. I was a bit too certain about it, so I missed to see. Thanks once again.