Nav Mesh is not building in big levels

I use dynamic nav mesh with invokers and nav mesh bounds in different parts of the level. The level is fairly big and when I started putting nav mesh bounds in the last sections - nav mesh stopped building there both in runtime and in editor. I tried to figure out the cause and it looks like when I delete nav mesh modifiers behind in the start of the level - new ones work properly.

I tried replicating the issue in new empty scenes and it replicates perfectly. Although it stops working when the height between nav mesh volumes is too high.

This is what you do to replicate the issue:
Make new scene with two floors, two nav mesh bounds for them and two character with navigation invokers. Then put the second floor with everything to somewhere around 80000 units above the surface or more(80000 units looks like to be the start of problems becoming apparent)

I need nav mesh to work in two far out areas in the level and I hope there is a quick fix for that. Thank you for your attention.