Nav mesh in a large world

The map that we have builds navigation for about 100k (“Building Navigation (100,000)”), which takes a few minutes. What is generally recommended for large maps when it comes to navigation? I have heard of procedural navigation, but haven’t seen much about that.

Saw this thread on google randomly, you probably know this by now, just answering for those who find this thread by searching.

On really large worlds, you probably need to enable the “Generate Navigation Only Around Navigation Invokers” tick inside the “Project Settings > Navigation System” section. Once you do this and create a Nav Mesh Bounds Volume that covers your entire map. Nav mesh will only be generated around actors that have “NavigationInvoker” component. Said component has a setting for generation range as well.

Epic built this for the Kite demo where precalculating the whole world would have* resulted in 5GB of navmesh data.

5GB? Yikes! Resulted in or would have resulted in if NavigationInvoker was not ticked???
Surely live tracing would be better on mega maps anyway??? It was possible in UDK…

There is a Tiled Nav mesh solution Built into Unreal 4 I thought?

Just to update, we are now using NavigationInvokers for our navigation :stuck_out_tongue: The nav-mesh is still placed in the world, but navigation is only generated when invoked.

@Jamendxman3: Cool thing … how big is your map (i.e. 2km x 2km or 8km x 8km)?

I am working on something at the moment and I am just interested in your map size. Thanks.

Our navigable area is about 2.5km x 3km.