Nav Mesh bounds voume and Assigned AI Nav paths may have limits

I don’t think the Nav Mesh Bounds Volume can handle covering over a large area as I have it covered over a large area in my map and noticing the nav Mesh gets to a certain number of navpoints (abt 1,900) or so then the nav mesh loses the Nav Mesh Bounding box.


I know in the older game engines, you could not allow any of the ai nav paths to cross over each other, or the nav paths would become corrupted so is this the same sort of issue going on with this engine as was affecting the older engines?, because it affected the Red Faction Editor. If you laid down nav points for your AI pawns or for your vehicles, you could not allow any of the nav points to cross over each other otherwise the AI would get all
confused and the nav points paths would then become CORRUPTED and when they become corrupted, they
would all mess up in the editor…and you could not have more than 4 or so vehicles patrolling around on
waypoints in your map at one time or the other Ai pawn nav paths would all cease to work. Result? They used
Static mesh vehicles and lots of static meshes for decoration to compensate for the lack of AI paths
because the engine wasn’t built to handle it. So do these bugs exist also in Unreal Engine? because when I put
all my AI in a large mesh area to wander around in, the Ai started gathering together in a large group and
abandoned their normal patrol behavior.

This gathering together in a large group AI problem I noticed also happening with Sacred 2 but only when I had
the skeletons guards out with the Shadow Warrior as there is a bug in the code in that game that causes the
skeletons to end up walking all off the landscape going up the hills and into the air out of bounds and when this happens, the AI enemies gather together underneath in a group and either freeze or and go around in circles.

I’ve ran into that issue as well. Have you checked if level streaming smaller parts solves it for you?

Dynamic nav mesh invoker components don’t increase the range unfortunately.

Oh, it looks like I had game view mode turned on and forgot to turn it off to show editor components, so it hid the nav mesh boundary box from view, the nav boundary box area is now showing up. It looks like the spiders have to be put in small nav mesh areas with limited patrol range to stop them from gathering up in groups.