Nav mesh, agent radius, collision

I been reading some post about nav mesh not generating geometry in tight areas, it seems that there may be a limit because no matter what i cant get a super tight nav mesh, been playing all day with it, agent radius, cell size, and all options there, it generates a lot of triangles but doesnt help with precision at all. im going with really small objects , around 10 uu, but either way collision on big objects or small objects, limit for drawing is the same, just cant get the nav mesh to be tight enough, I may try increasing scale, but the precision of nav mesh is really important to me in this project, plx halp

should I fake a smaller collision and a bigger fake mesh? maybe a solution but seems cheap.
I may go bigger 2 D:

Image settings are random, agent radius big or small, 1 or 1000, no matter , no changes at all
custom Agents were also added with no results either

know issue with agents settings in Nav System, clearing nav agents and adding them again refreshes and fixes the nav mesh, settings inside Nav System also have to match or be less than the ones specified in the Navigation mesh, :smiley: