Nav Link Proxy in Blueprints

I’m spawning in a building during game play that then the pawns move around and to get them to use the door nav link proxies work well but I can’t get them to spawn during game play.

Is there a way to have one spawn in the blueprint in line with the door? Or is the only way to spawn one separately when the building is brought in?


This may or may not work the way you want it to…but you can spawn one in BP but it wouldn’t be setup completely using a Spawn Actor from class…do you have Nav set to dynamically generate at runtime? That will also be needed, you should also setup the Nav Proxies to use Smart link and set their initial rotation so the left and right links are in line with the door. Something like this should get you started but will need some tweeking to get to work properly:


Keep in mind that when you spawn the Nav Link its link points are at X 70 and X -70 and by default the smart link is setup to both ways. You can verify that they are spawning in the World Outliner after calling the spawn function.

Thanks Black Phoenyx,

It took a bit to get it aligned correctly as the nav links don’t display when the game is running but I eventually got them working within the spawned actors blueprint as you showed above.

I also used the spawn scale to increase the distance between the points to allow the pawn to move across a bigger nav mesh no go area.