Naughty Knaughts

Hi everyone, I’m Marquis Madden, a lead developer and co-owner of Craptop Studios, better known as Mix!

I’ve decided to start on a couple side, solo projects from our original release, “Arena of the Gods”, available on Steam and, while my partner and co-owner, David Henry, rounds up the release of our major update, coming soon. Over the past few days, I’ve created a lot of content, and I want to share it with you. I hope you all will become followers and fans of Craptop Studios someday, and I wish you the best in your developing!

Naughty Knaughts

Naughty Knaughts is a part of a new genre of games Craptop Studios is developing. The Gryp-Gyro Genre! This genre features a lot of things and a page is coming soon for that. For now, let me explain the game, after, I’ll explain the Genre in the manner in which it affects Naughty Knaughts, and finally, I’ll talk to you all about a few new upcoming things to look out for, from Craptop Studios.

Naughty Knaughts is a GG-TPB, Gryp-Gyro Controlled Third Person Brawler! In Naughty Knaughts, you are able to choose a Knaught from 7 different Knaught Classes:
[li]Fighter Knaughts[/li][li]Launcher Knaughts[/li][li]Wielder Knaughts[/li][li]Sentry Knaughts[/li][li]Oracle Knaughts[/li][li]Saw Knaughts[/li][li]Magia Knaughts[/li][/ul]Each character from those classes may have skins, each fitted with a whole new set of moves!
Gryp-Gyro Controlled games bring a unique sense, with authentic feel, to the current genres, as well as, some GG-c games being a part of completely new genres, as I have been in development of a new system that allows for rapid development of games, with more intelligent ai. Our coded development time testing with this system has been on average, a few hours to a few days (3-5), to jump to around about 80% completion of the whole game making process. Once the art is done for a game, the game is nearly ready to be shipped; UI/Menu/Networking/Saving Editors still need to be added. With this increase, if all goes well with the releases, We are planning a Crappy Bundle for many more games coming, just this year!

The new things Naughty Knaughts is bringing to the third person genre, as well as, the Brawler genre, are:
[li]Arcade Style Fighting[/li][LIST]
[li]New combo system![/li][/ul]
[li]Third Person Brawler[/li][ul]
[li]A brawl like environment, mapped in a 3D world, with tons of interactions![/li][/ul]
[li]Player Skill Expression Revamp[/li][ul]
[li]​​​​​​​Every Knaught Class’s controller is driven by a different principle![/li][li]Every Knaught has a complete arsenal of manouvers, attacks, and interactions, all their own![/li][/ul]
[li]Knaughty Nautical Fun![/li][ul]
[li]​​​​​​​These fun, lovable, creatures are just plain naughty and want to wreck shop; they’ll do well to introduce, to the community, a new way to brawl in third person![/li][/ul]
[/LIST]Arcade Style Fighting
​​​​​​​This game features a new way to combo. Using our global controller technique, we are able to get exponentially more combos and styles for the player to be able to maneuver their character, however they want, and freely traverse the world. More on this subject will be talked about in future posts with demonstrations attached. The combo system feels reminiscent to fighters in titles like Tekken and Soul Calibur, only with 3D dynamics added in from another plane of motion.

Third Person Brawler
GG-TPB’s take use of the Global Controller Layout, developed by Craptop Studios. This allows for players to traverse their map, and interact with gaming elements on a high end level. In GG-Third Person Brawlers, characters are driven by a Gryp-Gyro Controller that allows for seamless locomotive control switches, on the same controller; this means one controller can drive like a car, another could drive like a flying object, another could drive like a moving human, etc. These brawlers have what is known as a “Battle Sphere”, the revamped version of the classic coined “Battle Circle”. The battle sphere, is a sphere that closes in, after a time, for a time, over time, in games, whereby if it touches a player, they will be launched out of the game, losing a life. Our brawlers, here at craptop studios, uses an inertia system that you will come to know as a staple in our games. It will also be talked about in future posts.

Player Skill Expression Revamp
The Knaughts in Naughty Knaughts exhibit a lot of different motor schemes, usaually based on their classes. The range of types include, but are not limited to, walking locomotive types, flying locomotive, unique engine based locomotive types, and drive-ground locomotive.
Given the uniqueness of all the different deep personalities the Knaughts have, the attacks for each, are just as flushed. This will be shown in very early, soon to come posts. The combos for attacks aren’t all, this time though, as we allow our players to also combo their maneuvers and abilities too!

Knaughty Nautical Fun!
All in all, I have developed 10 unique Knaughts, fitted with a total of 24 skins, available for play, amongst 4 out of 7 of the classes to come: 5 Fighters, 1 Launcher, 2 Oracles, and 2 Saws. I believe these characters will show off just how much fun can be had in Naughty Knaughts!

I will continue to post here my updates on development, as well as take in thought from the community! Join me, Mix, as I walk you through my process of developing Crappy-Games. All feedback is welcomed; please be kind to one another, share as much feedback as possible, and let’s get Knaughty Naughty!

Hi guys!
Here are a few in-editor renders of the Javeli-Knaught!

I also have a sneak peak at a few of the moves for you all to play around with in your head until I get the gameplay footage uploaded. There are 9 other Knaughts and I have diligently been working on getting every one of them suited for battle!

For now, here’s the Javeli-Knaught’s moves list name sneak-peak:

-Backdrop Kick
-Shoulder Bash
-Sike Strike
-Second Chance
-Fist Tackle
-Vengeful Strike
-Javelin Throw
-Saw Resurrection
-Ocean Spin
-Javelin Toss

Here’s a little background for the Javeli-Knaught: The Javeli-Knaught is a female Knaught of the Launcher Class. It’s a top heavy, acrobatically swift Knaught, that launches a wide range of different types of javelins. These aren’t traditional javelins, though, as this Knaught is known for dominating in medium ranged battle. This is an all around great character to kick off the 3D fighter genre, as well as the Third Person Brawler Series, as its’ aerial somersaults and quick responses give a new dynamic to gameplay! The Javeli-Knaught rushes its’ opponents, throws hails of javelins within seconds, splits down out the way of incoming attacks, and meets its’ aggressors with brute force.

I can’t wait to show off the moves.
Let me know if Gifs, Videos, or Pose Stills are a greater preference and I will upload more content accordingly.


Been a while, but I am nearing the release and want to show off a little bit of the first map’s core design.

Introducing: “The Great Crucible”