I started to develop a new natural package. This time he will focus on the winter
That will include a pack (approximately):
Conifer - 3
PineTrees - 1-2
Trees 2-4
Bushes 3-5
a few textures of snow and frozen ground



Sweet. I love that progressive snow shader. Any thoughts about having a few snow-covered rocks using a similar shader in this pack?

very good one.
would come in handy if i aver need a winter scene (which i think i will :wink: )

kirk.clawson Not a problem if you want, I’ll add a few stones

At the moment, ready to conifers and snow shader



ready pine tree


Nice, keep up the good work and don’t forget ‘Santa Claus’ please :wink:

a few shrubs



I think you could change the scene intensly by adding SSAO power 8 and changing the sauration of the scene a litle bit.

And the hardest thing with vegetation is always the connection to the ground so you might make that more detailed!

Also here is a picture that ive found wich comes pretty near to your assets!

Of course, with the post process I’ll work, when I’m doing the final scene.
Now here, did a few minutes.


Insanly well done i couldnt have done it better in that short time :3

Nice effort.
Maybe while you are at it, fix the scots pines in your other nature pack. They looked OK from far away and blurred, but really have a lot left to be desired as soon as you look at them more closely and are essentially useless like that.
Or add some new ones, that can be used.


Holy **** O.o that is no where near Epic Quality. If it would have a good material it would be different… But the mesh is very basic :c

TooManyfps, actually it has been fixed a month ago. Just recently epics do not report an update pack. Try to remove the current version and re-download the pack

hmm…I just did.
They are now gone completely, as are half od the other trees (removed local content, added to a new project)
Only the pine textures are there, but no meshes. Is is updated for 4.8? Or for only later versions?


Update was made to version 4.9. And it seems that remade objects do not work in the old version.

Come on, mate :slight_smile:
Can you please also update 4.8 and 4.10? I mean…

Unfortunately I can not update to version 4.8. Just EPICs need to update package to the newest versions of the engine, every time. In older versions it is not working.
I can advise the upgrade engine. Or if you really need version 4.8 send me an email , I will send you the relevant FBX files, but then you’ll have to import them in the engine.

And on the version 4.10 update is ready

Thanks! I will send a pm with email.

I did not know Epic does not support older version updates. They really should, considering the shaky backwards compatibiity of their releases, which puts your project in danger of disintegrating every time you update. With 4.10 labelled a stability release by them, they basically admittted that all versions before were unstable feature monger versions.
The majority of developer teams stay with one version that works for them for exactly that reason until the end of the project. Updating some project a year worth of work is simply too risky.

several snow materials would be good with parameters

This is exactly what i need :slight_smile: I hope it won’t take too long until it’s released.