Nature package

I Think there is a couple problems with this package

1.there is no collision on anything at all !!

2.the textures are super low res and as a result i cant use more then half of the asseats

this pic is just an example of the quality of the textures

i think that for 65$ the quality need’s to be match higher
Rom mesica,

Thanks for the warning. I was considering buying this but the steep price had me postpone it.

-Make sure to use the “epic” quality settings
-for the low res textures -> are you sure that it’s not just because of the texture streaming? Also on the picture that you posted, is that a material with roughness/metallic/specular + is the right texture assigned to it?
-you can easily add a collision in the static mesh editor -> here you can see three different ways how you can do it: + have you already tested the collision with a character (probably you just cant preview it) + when those assets were placed with the foliage tool, check if the collision is enabled in the foliage tool
-also make sure to post your problem into the official thread from the creator of the assets
-tomorrow I will upload a free vegetation pack. The trees are not in such a high quality, but the grass should be useable in games: [FREE] grass meshes - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums (my old thread with the old grass meshes -> on the bottom of the page you can see the new ones) :smiley:

1.I am using epic

2.i did not change anything i just added the pack to a new project and test it on 4.7 pre 8 and 4.6.1 on a new project only,and the other texture are not super awsome i just posted the worst but you can see more examples of the low res
tree 1 tree 2 rock 1 rock 2small plant 1 small plant 2 small plant 3

as you can see the texture res is just bad across the hole pack combined with a the high cost its just a bad joke

3.i know that i can add collision but that not the point ,the point is that i spend 65$ and i expect the assets quality to reflect the price and the absent of collision and the low res texture

4.i did not fine the thread of this pack, if some one can find it i’ll be happy to post this problems there.

5.i be happy to chack you pack ! :slight_smile:

Just found the thread. Here we go: Nature Package - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums :slight_smile:
I will post you a pm when I publish my package :wink:

by the way there is wrong info on the marketplace they say that the texture res is from 256 up to 1024 and there is a lot 128 textures.

marketplace info
the 128 res : 1 2 3

Hmm, really strange -> so you use the engine version that the package was made with + probably those textures are used for LOD’s :smiley:

Update with collisions, has been sent to EPIC February 16. Unfortunately when it is added I Do not know and the affect it can not.

here in UV error instead in the textures in the update is also corrected.

so I ask you not to engage in manipulation of facts. Of course, any object will look bad if you increase it 3 times, and then Move the camera as close as possible

in the future, if you want to help you, please write to support

seems your unreal is forcing low resolution of textures. I’ve seen pictures of this package and it definately doesn’t look like yours. plus making the textures as 128s would’ve never been accepted by epic

Hello! FYI, we have your files and will publish an update tomorrow. Right now the team is doing a 4.7 compatibility check with everything in the Marketplace to verify everything works, and we’ll get this processed and published ASAP. I’ll contact you via Zendesk and I’ll reply here as well. Apologies for the delay, but we’re on it!

Since there still is no update (at least not for me) a easy trick to get rid of the uv problem:
Add a “texCoord” Node to the “bese_material” and multipy it with a “append” that you drive with 2 parameters.

You can now adjust the tiling in the instance for the trees in question and get rid of the stretching.

However, there are a few fairly low res textures in this pack, especially for the “flowers02 + 03” “Myatlik1-5”, the bigger rocks can only be used for distant terrain as they have no tiling textures or detail maps.

Some Material settings are quite strange I think (negative metallic and specular values for example) but I had to change the mats for the new foliage shader in 4.7 anyway.

All in all a good quality pack with a few low res textures, just kind of a bummer to pay 60$ and still having to change so much…

FYI, it’s taking a little longer than we thought, but we expect to have it pushed out this week. Preparing for GDC, going live with the web Marketplace, and going free have all stretched us pretty thin, and we’ve been hammering down the biggest bugs first and we’re working our way down the list. Apologies for the delay, but I assure you, we’re hard at work and this is on our list. :slight_smile:

Can someone owning the pack comment on it’s current status? Has the texture resolution been increased?

Me too, any news?

If it has’nt - try exporting each of them to .tga and manually increasing the resolution with Alien Skin Blow Up! plugin ( good effects ).