Nature Materials: Ice

I’m pleased to announce the release of Nature Materials: Ice!

View more screenshots here.


Do you want beautiful ice for use in your game environments? Look no further! Give your project stunning visuals with this modifiable ice material. Tweak features such as the base texture, color or intensity. Modify depth details such as cracks or clouds, along with their respective parameters. Includes blending to improve the appearance when at great distances from surface.

Paremeters include: Base texture, brightness, color and desaturation. Depth texture, bump offset, brightness and color. Depth cloud textures, intensity and colors. Normals, tiling and macro normals. Refraction.

Included is 1 example & 1 overview map.

Some UE4 example content included for the purpose of demonstration, and is not reflected in the technical details.

Technical Details

Materials: 1
Material Instances: 5
Textures: 7
Textures range from 512x512 to 4096x4096
Meshes: 1

Available now on the UE4 Marketplace!

congrats for the release and its look freaking visual stunning material

Thanks Raven! And also nice work on your scifi WIP. I’ve been keeping an eye on that. =)

looks very good. Could need it for a scenario with frozen waves. Has it transparency options, too ?

Hey Stucki!

I didn’t place any parameters in the opacity slot since the depth was sort of simulated through the clouds and bump offset. You can however plug in a constant parameter in the opacity slot of the master material if you want to have transparency. =)

Great job Jon,
I’m glad to see your Ice made it to its rightful place on the Marketplace. :slight_smile:
It looks fantastic!

Thank you very much Richard! =)

I’m actually planning on purchasing your bird and fish assets soon as part of a project too. =P

@stucki - I’m adding another texture and a few more material instances, so I went ahead and included the opacity parameter in there for you. Don’t know how long it’ll take the staff to get it live, but it’s on the way. =)

Thx very much! Could you please post a screenshot showing transparency in action
Kind regards stucki

Hey there!

Sure, here you go. Keep in mind though, the shader wasn’t designed to have it’s opacity reduced. As I mentioned before the depth is simulated through the material, so if you do use opacity make sure that you don’t reduce it too much (.9 is shown in the screenshot) and that you have something underneath otherwise it’ll look empty under the ice.


Thx again for the effort. Really like it

No trouble at all. =)

Hey stucki! Just wanted to give you a heads up that the update is now live. =)

Update? live? how’s that even possible!

It came at a terrible price! =P

Me right now.