NaturalMotion in UE4?

I haven’t heard this brought up yet for UE4 but are there any plans to support NaturalMotion procedural physics as a direct plugin?

NaturalMotion would have to create that support themselves.

I found an interesting free alternative with source code:

I heard the Euphoria system from Natural Motion was quite expensive, any ideas how much ?

Euphoria’s cost is not known publicly; you receive a quote on a per-product basis according to what you’re using it for and how many platforms you intend to ship on.

If you don’t need something that generates procedural animation, there’s the IKinema plugin that’s pretty cheap.

I’m wondering is NaturalMotion has some sort of exclusivity agreement with RockStar and Lucas Games since i have not seen it in any 3rd party games made by other companies.

No, it’s a licensed deal, I think Lucasarts might have helped them create Euphoria though. I don’t think many games need what they offer. Force Unleashed certainly would have been out faster if they simply coded those few instances where the features would be needed rather than making the whole system.

For the record, Natural Motion were very responsive, specifically Felix Bradshaw.

Definitely worth considering but be prepared for the costing.

I personally can’t afford Euphoria, though was delighted at how accessible and helpful they were considering.