Nativizing Control Rig makes packaging failed

I report here, because I can not log in bug report page.

I know that the Control Rig is in experimental stage, but I think that it’s better if it’s known by someone.

When I try to package project with nativizing the Control Rig, it failed.

To Reproduce:

  • Open the UE4 Editor and create a Third Person project
  • Enable the Control Rig plugin and restart the Editor
  • Create a new control rig, import the SK_Mannequin as the Rig Hierarchy.
  • In created control rig, Class Settings - Packaging - set Nativize to True.
  • Save
  • Open Project Setting - Packaging - Set blueprint Nativization Method as Exclusive
  • Packaging (in my case, Windows 64 bit)

And I met this log file

I’m bypassing this problem with navitizing blueprints except control rig now.

I hope this report to be help for someone, and I hope this problem to be solved too.