Nativize Blueprint Assets problem with VARest

Hello everybody,
I’m trying to implement “Nativize Blueprint Assets” but for now without success! I have a blueprint called “MMOGameState” that uses “VARest” plugin. When I package my game, I get an error because the header file of MMOGameState is missing an #include of VaRestRequestJSON.h ! How can I fix the problem? Thanks all!

In “MMOGameState__pf1082777354.h” file I have ‘#include “VaRestRequestJSON.h”’ code… the problem occurs because this file is located in the following path: “VaRestPlugin/Classes/Json/VaRestRequestJSON.h” but the generated file “MMOGameState__pf1082777354.h” with Nativize Blueprint Assets creates an incorrect include path ( ‘#include “VaRestRequestJSON.h”’ )…

I think I have a very similar issue.

yes, your problem is the same