NativeDestruct + RemoveFromParent() = Crash on exit

I had this issue on 4.10.4 and upgrade to 4.11.2 to see if it fixed the problem, it did not.

This whole setup/bug is 100% C++

Setup: I have a user widget that creates a second user widget and stores the reference in a variable. When the first
user widget is destroyed it fires NativeDestruct which checks if second user widget reference is valid and destroys it.

Bug: While second user widget is created and i exit the game it causes a hard crash.

Work around: I have found a work around which involves destroying the second user widget through other
means than NativeDestruct but now my code is over complicated and “Hacky”.

I was able to reproduce the bug in a clean C++ FPS project in 4.11.2 and Here is a download to the project

here’s what it will look like :slight_smile:


Here is the solution for anyone in the future: Link