'native' StaticMeshComponent can be configured?

I’m trying to spawn an actor from code, but the static mesh is ‘native’ and I’m wondering if this is preventing me configuring it? I’ve posted full details to the answer hub:

Any help greatly appreciated!

You have to add some additional code to let Blueprint see your components.
Read this article to understand how it works
And use Property Specifiers from this link to choose what exactly behaviour you need

class ABlockBase : public AActor

    UPROPERTY(VisibleAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category = AnyName)
    TSubobjectPtr<UStaticMeshComponent> myStaticMeshComponent;

    UStaticMesh * myStaticMeshObj;

Thanks zeOrb that was it - I forgot about exposing the property and got hung up on the ‘native’. If you post your response on the answerhub I’ll accept it and mark resolved.

Thanks again!

No problems!
Jobs done!