Native Doom Puzzle Game - BETA TESTERS needed

Hi everyone, I’m working on a project of a game for more than a year and next saturday I will provide download the demo version for BETA TESTERS. If anyone has interest in receiving the link in your email is just sign up here:


We need your help to improve the gaming experience. Feedback player in the early stages is critical for us developers. Knowing things like, you can understand what should be done? Can you do? or This is fun? So in the download will have a notepad with Google Forms link for better result of Feedback.

The names of people who can help testing and answering the questionnaire will have their names in game credits.

Facebook Page:


We just provide the link to download of our game in beta.
Give us your opinion, we want to make Native Doom well polished : D

Download Now:

Thank you all

Can i join?
as a Beta Tester?

Hey, this is the 1st gameplay from us :smiley:

Of course, can you send your email?

To be a Beta Tester you need only download the beta here:

And answer this after play the game:



Hello, guys, we just released an article about the evolution of Native Doom, brand and screen (HUD) features have been completely renewed, check out:

It` looking awesome brother, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks man ^^

Here some updates:


This is a novel game with diverse characters. I envy your skill with these inventions, great work!