nasty BUG or hack

Sometimes some default variable, array does get different values every time I start the game. Any one else on 4.24 ?

Since a couple of versions ago, you need to clear arrays before you use them, otherwise there can be garbage from a previous run in there.

Thanks I’ll try.

Yeah it’s just good general practice to clear temp arrays. Before or at the end of execution depending on the logic flow.

If I no longer have a need for the data I’ll clear it immediately.

It stills does the same BUG or whatever it is when on restarting the game.

Are you populating the array in any of your construction scripts. I’ve come across an issue with arrays getting garbage values, that was fixed by clearing them at the start of construction script before using them. It might be the same issue that Clockwork mentioned.

I’ll just use the construction script, since it’s the easiest approach.