NASA's SPICE Toolkit + UE (Blog Post + Code)


I’m wrapping up a blog series soon about integrating a NASA Spaceflight Toolkit with Unreal Engine.

The first 4 parts covered integrating 3rd party tools/libs with Unreal Engine in detail.

The latest post, Part 5, is here:

UE Devs new to Space Flight:
If you’re interested in learning more about actual space flight and how NASA/JPL compute trajectories etc etc. … The post goes into very fine details about how it all works. And shows you how to do the exact same things - in UE Blueprints.

The Toolkit fully supports Blueprints with 1:1 parity with C++ apis.

UE C++ Devs
If you’re a C++ dev looking for examples for things K2Nodes with Wildcard outputs, implementing Blueprints Operators etc etc, Linking to external libs, etc - There’s a ton of stuff to look at in the code.

Aerospace Engineers new to Unreal Engine:
There are very fine details about downloading the source code, building it, getting some blueprints up and running.

(Obviously UE devs here on the forums could jump past the UE stuff.)

The toolkit & samples are released under MIT license, anyone can use it for any purpose, commercial or otherwise. UE5 EA req’d.


How to get the current location of Hubble Space Telescope:

Making a procedural mesh of Mar’s Moon Phobos in Blueprints using NASA’s data:

(then saving as static mesh.)

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Awesome stuff! Can’t wait to get using it :slight_smile:

Thanks :).

Don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you need any assistance, always happy to help.

I did! We have been chatting :).