NASA Mars 2030 project Environment Artist + VFX Artist needed


My name is Julian Reyes, and I’m a producer for Fusion, an ABC-Disney and Univision joint venture. We are currently building a VR mission to Mars in partnership with NASA and MIT using Unreal Engine 4. We are in need of an environment artist with capacity for level building to come in and help us build the Martian surface as soon as possible. We also need an VFX artist to come in and work with us on a few items!

If you are interested, reach out and drop off your portfolio!!

Hi Julian, this seems like a really exciting opportunity, where should I send my portfolio?

Hi, julianque

i know to make terrain surface with Ue4, i have 2 years experience with Unreal Engine, now i am making archviz but i know how make terrain from heighmap files.

i want to participe of this big project, will be nice experience and opportunity.

my portfolio: Rt Archviz - YouTube

contact skype:

thanks and waiting for contact.