NASA Future Flight VR Experience

Worked on a pretty cool project - a first of its kind - during the Superbowl this year. They had a Superbowl Village with activities, rides and educational stations sponsored by NASA. One of these was a VR Drop tower using Samsung Gear VR glasses playing a 360 VR Video timed to the ride system.

Here is what it looked like watching people ride the ride: Future Flight NASA VR Drop Tower Ride at Super Bowl 51 Fan Festival Houston Texas - YouTube

Here is what the rider saw (360 video, move around the POV with your mouse) Future Flight 360 Drop Tower VR Video to Mars - YouTube

The majority of the imagery was built and rendered in Maya and Vray. The Mars landing and animation while on Mars was all done in Unreal Engine with help from the Mars environment in the Marketplace here! Nasa provided the Mars vehicle which was animated inside of Unreal using sequence along with the dust particles.

It was composited together using Mettleā€™s 360 plugin for After effects. Fun little project and hope to do more like this.

Let me know if anyone out there got to go to the event in Houston.

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Pretty cool. =)