Naruto MMORPG Project

Hello, a while ago I started a Naruto MMORPG but for personal reasons I had to quit. Now I’m considering going back to it. My problem is that unlike when I started it now I don’t have the financial resources to pay. So, I’m looking for people who can collaborate.

Once the project is completed and reports profits, 3D artists who have been with the project will remain on it and will be remunerated for the work done while they have been collaborators (or other terms can be negotiated).

I’d really like people who have worked on some 3D works with anime style.

The software to use for things like modelling, animations, rigs, etc. is 3DS Max Studio 2014 and 2009.

At the moment I’m looking for an animator. With time I will post and modify the post with more positions that I need. However, if another artist wants to have me added for when I need it, he is free to contact me.

Here you can see some of the things that I have been doing:

Please I need serious and professional people who will not leave me stranded, I’m asking for a minimum quality work because as I said the artist will be remunerated when the project begins to generate income and he’ll remain in the position he was during the collaboration.

In the email indicate your field (animator, modeler, etc.) and some work you’ve done.

Contact: [EMAIL=“”]