Narrative Node-Based Quest Editor

Narrative comes with Ingame Quest UI, a fully featured Node-based quest editor, and all the quest functionality you need exposed to both Blueprints and C++.

Check out this video where I show you how to make a stealth quest in 10 minutes:

Marketplace link:

Supported features:

  • Optional Steps
  • Different quest endings depending on choices
  • Subquests (Quests within Quests)
  • Non-Linear quests (Steps can be done in any order)
  • Secret choices (Hidden in Quest Journal)
  • On Succeeded event for giving rewards to the player etc if required
  • On Failed event for punishing player, restarting quest, etc if required
  • Much, much more! (Please leave a comment if you have a question)

Here is a sample quest made with Narrative. Someone murdered the Innkeeper at the sword and Oak Inn, and depending on who you pin the murder on, different outcomes can be reached. Adding different quest endings with different rewards is trivial, and in this quest you can see that handing Tom in to the Guards results in you being given a gold amulet by the head of the Knights.

Once you’ve used the Narrative editor to create the quest, connecting the quest up to your ingame characters and objects is incredibly easy to do. The User Interface updates automatically if you use the Quest Journal that comes with Narrative.

You said the UI updates automatically if you use the journal that comes with the pack. How hard would it be to implement my own UI.

  1. Also, lets say that there are quests in my game to kill 5 orcs. So I would set this up so that when I kill any orc it would register to the quest. But if I dont have the quest to kill orcs yet then it wouldnt do anything, is that correct. Or would it give errors because I dont have that quest?

  2. However what if I wanted it to register the quest action even if I dont have the quest. For example theres a quest to blow up 3 reactors. I stumbled across 2 reactors and blew them up before finding the quest. Can I have it register the quest actions I completed before I got the quest?

I watched the video and it seems to me that the quest journal is an integral part of the plugin. Is it possible to create quests that do not use the quest journal?

Also, is the source code included? If you get hit by a bus, marry a pop star, or return to your home planet, the plugin doesn’t get up updated for engine updates and becomes useless. Our project is long term and we have to make sure that we can maintain anything we purchase.

Absolutely! The Quest Journal is simply an add-on for people who don’t want their own Quest UI.

Creating your own custom Quest UI is very easy to do.

The source code is included!

Bump! Narrative now automagically saves and loads quests without you having to do a single thing. Narrative will load your quests on BeginPlay, and Save on Endplay by default, but you can manually save/load using SaveQuests() and LoadQuests(). You can turn this feature off if you only want to save or load at certain times.

Should be in Narrative in the next couple of days, just waiting for epic to add it in!

Great news [USER=“677608”]Reuben Ward[/USER] . One question I am struggling with, I am trying to rebind your quest events to my own quest delegates, however its not playing ball. When I bind to my own events, its still firing the events in your own Quest UI widgits. I took a look at some event dispatcher delegate tutorials and I do not seem to be doing anything wrong. I am trying this in the TopDownController. Any ideas what is going on?

Hi! Is it possible to buy your asset or it will be “Not for sale” forever?

Unfortunately due to legal issues. I am re-writing the plugin from scratch. It will likely not be available again for several months. Sorry about that!

Edit: Narrative is now written completely from scratch, you can find it at :slight_smile:

When is the 4.23 update coming if at all? Could really use this in my project.

Hi @the_tubby1 ,

Please check out, where I have the 4.22 release. As far as I have tested you should be able to use the 4.22 release in 4.23 with no issues. Don’t worry about the paid plans if you’re a hobbist, the free version should suit your needs if you’re just working on a personal project.

Thanks for the interest in narrative!

I spent an entire day trying to open this in 4.23 and it wasn’t happening. Kept failing to Compile and said “try compiling from source.” or something. Whereas another plugin for 4.22 I used compiled successfully to a 4.23 project first try.

And On a side note, will you be releasing any more tutorials? There are still things I have no idea how to use.

Hello Reuben,
Your quest editor is exactly what I’m looking for!

I’ve got to your website and cannot find it there - is there a place to buy it?


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