Nanite Quixel Megascans extremely low quality. How to fix? UE5

I will keep this as brief and dense with information as possible.

I am new to UE5 but not 3d, my expectations for mega scans were really high seeing all the close up renders that were barely extinguishable from real life if at all. I followed countless tutorials and forums from manually adding displacement to enhance the look of a mesh from quixel, to making sure directx 12 was enabled in RHI settings and installed properly and more.

Nothing has made these assets even remotely useable or as advertised. I am attaching some images to show exactly what I mean. The image below is a nanite model I have imported and made sure is using the proper 8k textures.

As you can see this is not the quality you would see in some renders advertised like this.

Is there something I am missing? Is this the product as intended? Is this a bug? I am desperate for answers, thank you in advance.


The quality of Quixel assets really depend on the size/scale of assets. The smaller in scale of the asset, the more polygons and pixels there will be per inch. Just from how detail, photogrammetry, and assets work, larger meshes, like an entire cliff, aren’t going to hold up to a magnifying glass.

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I was wondering if you have found a fix for this. I have the exact same problem as your first picture and have spent the last couple of days trying to find out what went wrong. They are definitely 8k, I don’t see “VT” as one other forum suggested to remove, and I am using the latest Unreal Engine 5.0.3. The problem is very concerning since all of these models are practically unusable right now.

Hello ;

I am also having the same problem. Virtual texture, dx12, pool size etc. I tried all of them. But the image is still bad and doughy. Someone needs to bring clarity to this issue!

I guess nobody cares. It is a pity that there is no solution when there are so many people having this problem. In this case, quixel is useless.

If you are using raytracing, it is not compatible with nanite, but will use a low-res-replacement.

I asked this question as well. The answer is that MS assets are made from single UV. It looks like in order to get good looking assets you have to do a lot of custom work. I am very disappointed in this answer. MS shows amazing videos of their assets but that is so deceiving since they put custom work to their assets to make them look this good. By default, I would say MS assets are medium quality and def not photorealistic especially up close.

How do we get this high of a quality with Megascans? – Quixel

I find this very frustrating. What is the point of MS providing nanite quality assets if the way the textures are done reduces the look of the asset.