Nanite not working?


i installed ue5 and downloaded a nanite quality mesh with quixel bridge. I imported the mesh and enabled nanite both in the content browser and in the mesh viewer. But still the mesh is visilby triangulated both in the mesh viewer and in my scene. Why?

No answer, just wanted to say I’m having the same problem. Meshes are clearly not nanite quality, and selecting nanite visualization → triangles in the view mode doesn’t highlight anything. The RHI is DX12, but I only have a GTX 1070 - would that make a difference?

yes the whole nanite visualization doesnt work for me either. if you go to advanced->show mesh edges i can see the edges and its somewhere around 20k vertices but definitely not nanite quality

Same Problem here, with World Partition Landscape

I found the solution. It was simply installing the latest windows update.