Nanite not working after upgrade to Unreal 5.0 from pre-release?

I have a project I made using the pre-release Unreal 5 engine.
It’s this one:

All of the meshes in the scene are Nanite meshes.
However when I upgraded to the ‘release’ version of Unreal 5 all the meshes are being displayed in their proxy mode (low res) even though all of the meshes have “nanite enabled” checked on in their settings. None of the Nanite visualisation modes display correctly (nothing happens).

Is there some kind of global Nanite setting I need to set? Or some kind of way to reset these meshes?

Your graphics card may not be able to display the new meshes properly because I think the new engine makes them better. I think the global setting should be: New engine; New graphics card.

thanks for your reply. As I mentioned this project was working correctly in the pre-release version of Unreal 5.0. - but only stopped displaying the meshes correctly when I upgraded to the release version. I have a GeForce 3060 which is more than capable of running unreal 5.

I also have another project (this one)that I made after this one which works fine in the latest release. So I don’t know what’s going on.

The engine might not beadle to render the textures properly from the old engine because of the intense static meshes of the new, so by default it lowers it. If you can’t find anything, I am sure they are working on updates.

like I said, I have two projects that have nanite meshes in them. Both projects have the same amount of polygons in their static meshes. But one project doesn’t display the nanite meshes correctly.

I fixed it.

I went into my latest project (that works) and I copied the config/defaultEngine.ini file over the top of the same file in the older project.
It rebuilt the shaders and now works.

Just had the same issue (upgrading from UE4 to UE5), and your solution reminded me that You just have to change in Project settings > Platforms > Windows > Default RHI from ‘Default’ to ‘DirectX 12’

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