Nanite Mesh do not load correctly after package project?

I’m trying to use nanite mesh in my next demo. After package project and run this project, the nanite mesh won’t update triangles at all. It only show a very low triangles count mesh. And if I press F11, the nanite mesh will refresh and show immediately.
But this problem won’t happened when I run in UE5 editor’s selected window.
Till now I can’t find any topic or solutions on the internet, were there somebody have the same issue? and were there some solutions?
This screenshot is runing packaged project and do nothing. I’ve press F4 for showing mesh more clearly.

And this is after press F11, the Nanite mesh update correctly and shaders start building some how.

I’ve find the part whitch cause this problem. If you have a SceneCapture2D in your scene to capture depth in R channel, and if you enable the “Capture Every Frame” , the nanite mesh will not render correctlly. …

this is how i fix this bug temporary, dis-active SceneCapture2D pre 0.5 sceonds.

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