Nanite Foliage / Trees

Is it possible? Yes! Everything you see here is Nanite. I’m using highpoly archviz trees.

Does it make sense? At the moment they are already working great for cinematics! But not sure if we will see something like this in a game.

I know that epic said so: trees are pretty much the worstcase scenario for nanite. With the right console commands you can get them pretty stable and nice looking but they will be heavy on performance and fade out at one point. So you wont see a nanite forest somewhere in the distance.

But still… Try this without nanite and you will run into problems. It handles hundreds millions of polygons with ease. Its great for my archviz projects!

Some thoughts:

  • Combining Nanite with the LOD system. Let me use my highpoly trees with all these single leafes in the foreground and then fade into a custom lod/imposter in the distance.

  • A good way of treating parts of the mesh differently. I know that I can just not combine the static meshes on import but then I need a good way of recombining them. I tried using blueprints but then placing them with the foliage tool gets super heavy on performance.

  • I’d love to hear some ideas how to combine super high quality greenery with a lowquality version in the distance.

Lets talk!