Naming issues in the Scene Outliner

Hi folks,

is there an option to disable the automatic change of a mesh name with a number as soon as you have 2 of the same objects dragged in the scene? What I mean is, let’s say I have an object named Ex_Wall_01. If I use the wall the 2nd time to build city walls, the mesh will be renamed to Ex_Wall_2 and so on.

Is there an option to disable this? What I want is the ability to drag an unlimited number of the same Object in the scene WITHOUT changing it’s name in any case. It will become pretty unclear to me if everything will be renamed instead of having simply 10 or more instances of Ex_Wall_01.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi Lestat,

I can understand you may be frustrated with how this is handled but to provide a little detail this is normal behavior. When an object is copied it is making a whole new instance of the object that can be manipulated and used within your scene. Even though they are the same mesh they are not the same object. They have to be separated. Even if you renamed it to match the first one with no number you’d still have an instance of that mesh. You can always create a separate folder in the scene outliner and dump all the meshes with the same name in there to clean it up. This is what I’ve done with larger scenes I’ve used. I believe this is used in the Vehicle Game example from the Marketplace as well.

I’ve attached two images to show you how this works.
In this first image you will see that I’ve got two box brushes. One is the original box brush I copied to the scene. You’ll see that it’s name ID is BoxBrush.


In this second image you’ll see that with my copied mesh I’ve renamed it to be the same name as my first Box Brush and I have it highlighted but the ID name is still its instanced reference of BoxBrush_2.


If you have any questions or need further clarity let me know!

Thank you!


Thanks for your help, Tim.

I’ll store all the instances of a mesh in a folder named by the original mesh in this case, otherwise it will end up in a complete mess.

I wasn’t sure if I’m doing anything wrong, since Gamebryo and even Unity is handling the display name of instances different, at least from the visible part (I’m sure there is an unique ID below the surface :slight_smile: )

Thanks for your fast answer,


No problem, Lestat!

There are also some options in your scene outliner in the bottom right where it says “view options.” There are three options there for what you can visibly see in your scene outliner that may also work with your workflow.

The options are:

View only selected
Hide temporary actors
View only in current level

Thank you!


I know I’m going offtopic with this question, but I think a new topic for a single question would be like forum spam.

My question is: Could I import the LOD Levels from a mesh in a seperate FBX or is it necessary to have mesh + collision mesh + LODs in one FBX?
I would prefer to have the LODs in a seperate folder instead of having a single file with everything in it. It’s basically just my prefered workflow.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi again LestatDeLioncourt,

You can achieve the LODs as separate files. You will however need your base mesh to hold the Collision information so that you’re mesh and LODs will have collision.

In this image you can see where the option to import a LOD is set. When you select “Import LOD (X)” it will open a window so you can select the FBX you want to import.


I hope this helps!

Thank you!


Thanks Tim, this is exactly what I want :slight_smile: