Naming conventions

Hello everyone.

After looking at this post:

and not finding my answer, i decided to write a forum post.

Q: What happens in the case of linked assets?

I’ll explain better with an example.

I have a weapon. This weapon is called ‘Torus
Now, i have a static mesh for it, a material, diffuse, specular and a normal map called as follow:

SM_Torus *StaticMesh
T_Torus_01_D *Diffuse texture
T_Torus_01_M *NormalMap
T_Torus_01_S *Specular

and a sound

Now, according to the wiki, i can’t really understand where to put these.
Where should i store them? In the Weapons folder or separately, in the Textures, Audio, etc folder?

  • Chris.

I personally would place them into the texture, audio,… folder → then you will still have a good overview in your folder structure. :slight_smile: