Naming Conventions and the Marketplace

Hey guys! So im a noob and i was just going over some tutorials and they focused on naming conventions.

Which led me to wonder

Can you rename assets purchased on the marketplace to suit your project or will that ruin the flow somehow?
Because i could see using multiple asset packs quickly becoming messy if they arent able to have the names customized for the specific project.

Then again i could be looking at this all wrong?

Is there any advice anyone has on the subject? Thank you!

(also i understand not to depend on assets from the marketplace, but ive already purchased a few)

It’s best to keep the assets the same name as they had originally when bought. This because if the seller updates their product and you have renamed some of the assets, replacing the pack will cause tons of reference errors because maps and objects referencing those assets will be referencing to the adjusted name you gave the product.

Thank you! I figured there would be a good reason not to