Naming convention for source asset file (e.g. FBXs or TGA)

Hi everyone!
I’m working on a pipeline for our studio and I decided to follow (with just minor tweaks) to the UE4 naming conventions for folders and assets.
So every static mesh asset will have its good old “SM_” before the base name… for example.
But what about the source fbx file?
I see two alternatives:
1- name the FBX with the proper UE4 prefix (so SM_ or SK_ or A_)
2- do not use prefixes for the source FBX, leave it clean ad add it only inside the editor to the corresponding uasset file.

The first solution allow a direct connection between files but, in a way, it “corrupts” the files outside the content folder with prefixes (and suffixes) that are specific for UE4 and it could make a little more difficult to navigate between files.
Moreover it makes weird the relatinship between (for example) the 3dsmax scene file and the exported fbx (should I call my .max file SM_something?)

The second solution keeps source files cleaner in my opinion and makes a blink to match 3dsmax or photoshop or whatever file with the ready-to-import one.
But of course it creates a disconnection with the uasset.

I know that this is probably a small detail but I’m trying to ask every question on this topic and I’m stuck on this one :slight_smile:
(well…and on having a project root folder right under Content,marketplace style, or not… but this is another story!)

What do you think about it?


Name the files how you feel makes the most sense. Universal naming convention is great but if it’s causing files to “corrupt” and causing problems getting work done why bother. I think it’s important to be consistent, stick to whatever naming convention you decide, avoid long names, always put things in their proper structured folders and source things somewhere wise before asset import, so reimports can happen across the network and assets can be found later.