Naming arrays using variables (string?)

I want to create an undefined number of arrays that all have the same name but end with a different number, so that for every loop it creates a new array with a name that ends with a number one higher than in the loop before. Is there a way to do that?

For example if it runs the loop 4 times I should get 4 arrays named Array1, Array2, Array3 and Array4, where “array” can be replaced with something more descriptive.

Thank You.

Reflection(ish) + arrays + nested containers? In Blueprints? Sounds like a little debugging horror, with extra steps.

Mhm, no, you can’t have that. Even simple Maps do not support traditional arrays in BPs. Is this even doable in C++?

On the other hand, one way to fake what I think you describe is to have a Name | Struct Map where the struct holds an array. You could then dynamically add any number of uniquely named keys that point to that particular struct-type value.

Technically you could nest things infinitely like this if needed. Set Members in Struct node will be useful here.

edit: Link to working with maps: