Nameless Mist - UE4 scene mixing 3D environment & 2D animation

Hello, everyone,
Here is a project I did recently. I wanted to try to integrate 2D animation into a 3D environment.
I did the 2D animation in Krita and the 3D scene in UE4. Then I integrated the 2D animation by creating a flipbook in UE4.
I had to transform the sprite into a blueprint if I wanted to be able to control the animation in unreal’s sequencer.
Then I animated the camera and finished the video in After Effect and Premiere Pro to add all the video filters and sound design.
I hope you will like this teaser, don’t hesitate to give me your opinion :slight_smile:

Really creative work! Great presentation too. Is the final product gonna be a video or a game?

Looks really nice! Waiting for more :slight_smile:

Hello Samifira !

Thanks for your message ! I’m making several videos in the same world. If the result is conclusive and if I can develop a convincing story, I may set up a game project.
I know it’s a strange way to work but I prefer to take the time to think about this project :slight_smile: