Nameing textures

I am summiting a pack to the market place, one things I have to change is labelling, epic want me to had T or tex to every texture and M or Mesh to every mesh, for me I just think is excessive labelling, I mean a texture is a texture, the engine already knows its a texture there are filters and so on to search, the same with a mesh this quite obvious a mesh is a mesh, the textures are labelled Name_Type (e.g normal), nice and clean, I don’t know about everyone but I cant stand over the top labelling, it just looks massy and hard to look at, and may be a way of doing things from a bygone age or something. or I just am missing something

I mean I have over 1000 photos I don’t label every photo with the words Photo in it, “Day out in the city Photo” or beach Photo", just would like some help to understand why I need it?