Named Slot Widgets not behaving as documentation states. Cannot Get Named Slot variable in Graph of derived Blueprint. [SOLVED]

Greetings, all. I am following the instructions for “Named Slot Widgets - Create easilty templated widgets using Name Slots.” Using Named Slot Widgets for UI Templates in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation but (at a certain point) it does not seem to progress as instructed.

When I get to “3b. Add the Binary Prompt Buttons Using Pre Construct” → “6. Create a Get node for Slot_Interaction. Drag off its pin and create an Add Child node.” The Slot_Interaction variable is not present under Variables in the Graph (for UI_DialogBoxWarning), so I cannot create a Get node for it. Furthermore, when in the Designer (for UI_DialogBoxWarning), I click on “Slot_Interaction” in the “Hierarchy” so that “Slot_Interaction” is highlighted, but there is nothing in “Details”. Normally, I would place a check in “Is Variable”, and it would then be available under “Variables” in the “Graph”, but there are no options or anything in “Details”. Nothing, nada, zilch.

Does any one have any idea what is going on here? If not, would any one be so kind as to go through the steps and confirm whether or not you get the same results?

I have tried this with template projects as well as with blank projects. I have also tried it using Unreal Engine 5.2 (and now 5.2.1), 5.1.1, and 5.0.3. When using Unreal Engine 5.1 or 5.2, the results are the same (as I explained above), but when using 5.0, I get to “2. Fill Named Slots Using Drag-and-Drop” → “3. Add a Horizontal Box to Slot_Content.” but there is nothing under “UI_DialogBox_Warning” in “Hierarchy”. I’m not surprised about the problems with UE 5.0 since there is no documentation for Named Slot Widgets, but for 5.1 and 5.2, the documentation is identical. Nonetheless, it has me boggled.

EDIT: For those who are interested… Documentation should be updated… The solution is as follows:

To accomplish (essentially) the same thing instructed in step “6. Create a Get node for Slot_interaction. Drag off its pin and create an Add Child node.” you can simply right click in the Graph and choose “Get a reference to self” under “Variables”. Then drag off the pin for Self and choose “Get Slot_Interaction” for “UI Dialog Box Template”. From this point, you can continue through the instructions as indicated.