Name property is set to 'Multiple Values' in BP

It is possible to inadvertently replace values of a name property in multiple selected components with ‘Multiple Values’.

Reproduction steps:

  • Add two physics constraints components C1 and C2 to a blueprint.
  • In both C1 and C2 leave Component 1 name empty.
  • In C1 set Component 2 name to A.
  • In C2 set Component 2 name to B.
  • Select C1 and C2. Note that Component 2 name is shown as “Multiple Values”.
  • Set Component 1 name to X and hit tab. Focus jumps to Component 2 name.
  • Component 2 names are now lost. Drop selection and select only C1.

problem does not occur when hitting enter so focus stays on just edited property. However tab key is often preferred to enter as it is easier to access (no cross reach with left hand or letting go mouse with right one).

property with multiple values should not be updated when landing on control or leaving it with tab or enter. indication of multiple values should look different from the “Multiple Values” text: Lighter color, italic font, something which is obviously a message from editor and not actual data.

Version 4.8 binary, Win7 x64.

EDIT: Clarifications.

Hey ,

Thanks for report! I was able to reproduce this in 4.8.0 as well as our main internal build. I’ve entered a bug report for issue (UE-17013) and I’ll let you know here when I see any update on it. Thanks!

Hi ,

Just wanted to let you know that this has been fixed internally, and this bug should no longer occur in a future version of engine. Most likely this will be 4.9. Thanks again!

I just reproduced this bug in version 4.9.0 in UI editor. It looks like it occurs in any field that takes a string (select a bunch of Text objects and tab through it’s “Text” field).

Hi Nickhester,

I just tested this in 4.9.2 and didn’t see same issue occur. Can you test this in 4.9.2 as well, or in 4.10 preview?

These are steps written up in report that I used to verify fix:

  1. Open any project
  2. Create a new Actor Blueprint
  3. Add a new Physics Constraint component, C1
  4. Add another new Physics Constraint component, C2
  5. In C1, set Component Name 2 to A
  6. In C2, set Component Name 2 to B
  7. Select both C1 and C2
  8. Set Component Name 1 to X
  9. Hit tab to jump to Component Name 2
  10. Select only C1

Both C1 and C2 have had Component Name 2 set to “Multiple Values” when only one is selected.

Are you using different steps? If you follow these steps, does same issue occur? If not, can you provide me with some alternate steps to take to reproduce bug? Thanks!